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Haiku tea cups

steam’s delicate wisps
are dancing across my cheeks
escaping from tea
listen to the sound
of the teapot as it sings
water leaps inside
maybe tea for two
is really two cups for me
and one sip for you
leaves like paintbrushes are coloring the water steep it, watch and breathe

find the perfect blend
be patient and watch it bloom
love is just like tea
don't worry my dear
no crying over spilled milk
be glad it’s not tea
You are my sugar
And the honey to my tea
All the sweets I need
Sitting with Franklin
Sipping on brotherly love
This is tea for two
Haiku are Copyright of Alexis Siemons (teaspoons & petals)
From etsy


I love teapots, I love tea!

I simply feel peaceful with a cup of tea and some good music...

It makes my heart soar... it really does!



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