Max Storage
A tailored bedskirt means the items stowed underneath your mattress — like these roomy, clutter-controlling baskets — stay out of sight.

Hide Clutter
Messes vanish with lidded ottomans. Seville rush storage ottoman in mocha.

Coastal Colors

Jeff McNamara

Richard Leo Johnson

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Alec Hemer

Donna Talley

"Moss Appeal"

Country Gardens, Spring 2005

Photos by: Quentin Bacon

Swedish Chair

Paint Decor, Winter 2003

Photos by: Michael Partenio

Photos: Michael Partenio

Orbit Love Seat

Orbit Love Seat with Canopy by Dedon



Photos by Gap Photos and Gap Interiors

Vivid colours! Summer colours!

From Gap Photo

A different way of drinking Tea

What an original idea of serving tea.

I saw this for the first time in a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro called ZUKA where the tea is actually a bunch of great flavoured leaves that you can mix match at your tasting.

Bring water to boil and bring to the table a tray of different flavours:

Lemon zest

Cinnamon sticks

Mint leaves

Lemon grass leaves

Ginger stickes

Rose blossoms

and now use your imagination...

Add at your taste or all in your cup and pour the hot water. Let it infuse for at least 5min.


(Obrigada João! :-)) )